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Unity Web Design are your Web Design specialists. Providing businesses with professional Websites, SEO, E-commerce and Website Maintenance services. With 8 years of experience we offer the best web design solutions to Newcastle and the North East. All of our products are of the highest standard and are available at affordable prices. Our ultimate goal is to help your company grow and profit from our services. Read on to find out how Unity Web Design can help your business achieve greatness.

Our Services

Web Design

With the best website design you get responsive websites developed to your specifications. Our websites cover all your business needs. All built with SEO in mind increasing your google ranking and get more traffic to your website.


When it comes to getting ranked on Google, Search Engine Optimisation is essential. When your business needs a jump start on the competition. Our SEO campaigns help you reach your goals and reach a wider audience

E-commerce Solutions

We build E-commerce solutions to give your customers the most convenient experience possible. Our e-commerce websites make ordering easy and come with a dedicated courier solution. So you can focus on managing your store.


Our website care plans keep your website up to date and running at full capacity. We deal with updates and security with frequent file and website backups. This lets you operate your business knowing you can count on us should something go wrong.

Our Promise

Authenticity is key for us and we want to build lasting relationships with our customers. Furthermore, we have our prices upfront on our website. As a result, you can make an informed decision without having to listen to a sales pitch.

Our Clients

Some of the companies we've recently had the pleasure of working with.
Some of our recent projects

Our Reviews

Why choose us for Web Design?

Unity Web Design are a Newcastle Upon Tyne based Web Design specialist helping companies in the North East reach their potential.

Choosing quality Web Design can be tough. Most companies use jargon and try to impress you with buzzwords. That’s not our way, we offer straightforward full-service web design solutions. Providing a quality service for clients in Newcastle upon Tyne and the North East. To give businesses what they deserve: more traffic, more sales and more profit.


We design beautiful websites that are reliable and easy to use. As we are based in the North East. We are able to get an insight into our client’s business, passion and drive. We use this to inspire our creativity. So that our clients receive a website that compliments their business.


We want to build lasting relationships with our clients so honesty is essential. This is why we are upfront with everything we do, our website shows our prices with no hidden costs. What’s more, years of experience means we have our methods perfected. So our clients receive their new website without delay.


Our goal is to build beautiful, fast and responsive websites for our clients. We want to provide you with the best service possible and we wont settle for anything less than stellar results. Working with a wide and diverse range of clients, allows us to grow and become more experienced. Enabling us to take on more challenging projects in the future.

We build our websites to stand up to a large influx of web traffic incorporating speed, stability and security. Coupled with a quality hosting plan, customers get peace of mind that their website is in safe hands. Providing a professional service from start to finish. On completion of the project our clients receive a website built to the very highest standard.


Our heart and soul go into our projects. We love what we do and we wouldn’t put our name to anything that is not to the highest standard. Working closely with the client means they can make revisions throughout the process. Each website is built with security in mind, so clients can rest easy knowing your website and data are safe.

The internet’s reach is far and wide. If a firm’s reputation is great, they should take full of advantage of the power of the web. Having a professional website builds trust for clients looking to hire your services. Nowadays google is the first-place people look for almost any product or service.

A google review builds trust with a customer, so linking your website through google is a must. What’s more, google ranks your website higher based on your business having a good reputation. This leads to more exposure and clients for businesses.

Our web design methods allow us to build website’s to the highest standard to suit clients needs. We not only design beautiful websites, we also create a flawless user experience (UX). This helps visiting our client’s websites a more enjoyable experience. Helping to increase website traffic. The main goal when designing any website is to help businesses get more leads. Which in turn equals more sales and profit.


When designing our projects, we follow a tried and trusted method of website design. Starting with a road-map of our planning and design process. We find out what your business does, how they do it and what they are wishing to achieve.

Then we make an outline of what content and information we need from the client. This ensures a smooth process for the website build. Allowing businesses to get exactly what they want onto the web-page.


We provide services to clients in the Newcastle area with fantastic results and great feedback. Our customers are extremely satisfied with our designs, and ability to deliver their project on time. No matter how big or small a business is, we are here to take companies to the next level.

If clients have a function or feature that they want to add to a project let us know and we will add it. We are always looking to innovate and evolve on what’s come before. Especially if it means our clients gain from it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions and ideas for a project you want to hire us for.


We design websites with mobile in mind which is now common practice. Websites look amazing on mobile, tablet and desktop helping to reach a wider audience. We customise the website to look it’s very best on each platform. Optimising a variety of devices and browsers before we sign off on a project. Google recently announced it prioritised search engines to rank mobile friendly websites higher. So, it is now more important than ever to have a mobile responsive website.


If a business uses social media, we ensure that the website links to all available platforms. We add social media icons, making it simple for customers to visit your social media profile. Furthermore, social media pages can contain links back to your website. This helps generate traffic to your website and leads for your business.


We make sure websites are safe and backed up. So that if problems do occur it can be up and running, without having to worry about losing the data.


Performing SEO on websites is standard practice for us. Integrating basic SEO during the website build by optimising images, page speed, headings and URL’s. We also offer an SEO kick-starter package to get clients sites SEO ready and ranked higher on google.


Connecting to google analytics gives feedback on how many customers use your site. Meaning, you can cater your web-pages to meet customer needs


A contact form allows customers to get in contact with ease. Our contact forms connect to your email. Meaning you won’t miss that important message from your clients.


We design blog pages to showcase your hard work. Visitors can read articles, and search the archives for previous blog posts with ease.